I have two Sony A7R DSLR cameras and two Sony A350 DSLR cameras. I carry these with me for every job.

I use my main A7R Sony camera for photographing all my subjects and the others I have as backups. I have two 18-70mm zoom lenses, a telephoto zoom lens 70-270mm and a 50 mm prime lens. These lenses have different uses, ensuring maximum quality from group and scene shots, to close up shots of my subject/s. My telephoto zoom lens will allow me to photograph distant and close up shots of my subjects without having to change lenses frequently (avoiding wasting precious time) and intruding on your special day/occasion. My prime lens is amazing for portraits with a stunning clarity and allowing extra light in the frame on dull lighting conditions. The F1.4 maximum aperture prime lens is designed to enhance dimensionality from a defocusing effect. My new wide angle lens will allow me to capture all guests in large group shots as well as the beautiful surroundings.

I have a Godox TT350s flash and MagMod flash kit for both inside and outside use for additional lighting along with my large reflector. My flash lighting kit distributes light very evenly and widely with minimal harsh shadowing.  I also have a portable studio, which consists of Neewer 900W Strobe Studio Flash Light Kit including gel lighting and various lighting heads (electric equipment for indoor use only) and white and black backdrop, and supporting frames. Other materials can be used and setup using the supporting frames therefore you don’t have to stick to the usual plain portrait background.

I have invested in some brand new gorgeous newborn and portrait props and backdrops.